Delonix regia (Royal poinciana, malinche)

Viable seeds / kg (approx.): 1,480

Minimum purchase: 100 g


D. regia is native to the dry deciduous
forest of Madagascar, but is now widely used throughout the world for its
colorful orange-red flowering and bright green foliage. It can reach a height
of 15 m, but normally between 8-10 m, with a dense and very extended crown.


Tree are planted mainly as ornamental
in gardens, parks and along roads. It is not recommended to plant it less than
5 meters away from buildings and other infrastructure works, because their
roots are large and very powerful and develop very superficially. In public
areas, care must be taken with the large, hard pods that come off the adult

Environmental conditions

It requires a tropical or tropical-like
climate to survive, with a mean annual rainfall of 700 to 1800 mm and dry
periods of up to 7 months.


It can grow in a wide range of
soils, from acid to alkaline and from silty to heavy; it tolerates humid but
deep and well-drained sites. It is a species that grows best at full sun

Seeds and nursery

Before sowing, a pre-germination
treatment should be carried out, either scarifying with sandpaper until the
seed loses its shine and its appearance is completely porous, or submerging the
seeds in water at 80 °C for 1 to 2 minutes, and then in both cases, keeping the
seeds in running water at room temperature for 12 hours. For the seedbed it is
recommended to use a loose substrate such as river sand, well washed and
disinfected. The seed should be distributed in rows, sowing it with the
micropile (the pointed part) downwards. Germination begins after 6-16 days and
transplanting is done when the plants reach 3 to 8 cm and the first true leaves
appear. The root is usually very long, so it must be pruned to about 3 cm in
length. When transplanting, be sure to make a hole deep enough in the substrate
to avoid curving up of the roots. Shade should be provided for the first 2-3
weeks after transplanting, for instance using shade clothing (saran) 50%. Direct
sowing in containers can also be carried out. Seedlings will be ready for field
planting when they reach 20-30 cm, after 3-4 months in the nursery. A couple of
weeks before planting out in the field it is recommended to reduce watering to
stimulate the lignification of the stems.


D. regia can grow at a rate of about 1.5 m
per year during the first years.

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