Acacia mangium

Viable seeds / kg (approx.): 52,340

Minimum purchase: 100 g


Acacia mangium is native to northeastern Australia, New Guinea and the Moluccan
Islands. Trees in its natural habitat may reach up to 30 m in height and up to
90 cm in diameter (DBH), although in plantation it is normally harvested at
much smaller dimensions. The stem is usually straight and the cup is round.


A. magium is a pioneer and heliophyte species, nitrogen fixer, which
produces large amounts of litter, making it ideal for land reclamation. The
wood is of great beauty, moderately heavy and easy to work after drying, so the
uses are diverse, such as general construction, coffered ceilings and furniture,
among others.

Environmental conditions

0-800 masl, mean annual temperatures of 18-28ºC, mean rainfall of 1000
to 4500 mm per year, dry season of 0-4 months.


It prefers deep soils of alluvial origin, but it tolerates acid and low
fertility soils, and has the ability to grow well under severe competition.

Seeds and nursery

As a pre-germination treatment it is recommended to immerse the seed in
water at 80 °C for 30 seconds, and then soak it in running water at room temperature
for 24 hours. For the seedbed it is recommended to use a loose substrate such as
river sand, well washed and disinfected. The seed should be distributed evenly
or in rows separated by 2 cm, sowing superficially (2 mm). Germination starts after
3-9 days and transplanting must be carried out when the seedlings have reached
3-5 cm in height and the first true leaves appear. The root is usually very
long, so it must be pruned to about 3 cm in length. When transplanting, be sure
to make a hole deep enough in the substrate to avoid curving up of the roots.
Shade should be provided for the first 2-3 weeks after transplanting, for
instance using shade clothing (saran) 50%. With seeds of good germination it is
possible to sow directly in the containers, placing 2-3 seeds per cavity, and
then selecting the best seedling. The plants will be ready for field planting
after 3 - 4 months in the nursery or when they have a height of 15 to 20 cm. A
couple of weeks before planting out in the field it is recommended to reduce
watering to stimulate the lignification of the stems.


A. mangium grows extremely fast in favorable sites, with mean annual increments of 3.0 - 4.5 m in height, 3.0 - 4.9 cm in diameter, and up to 30 m3
/ ha in volume. In good sites, sawmill wood is produced in a period of 8-10 years
after planting.

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