Bombacopsis quinata

Viable seeds / kg (approx.): 18,500

Minimum purchase: 100 g


B. quinata is a broad-leaved
deciduous tree, which can reach heights of 25-35 m  and 1-3 m in diameter (DBH), with a straight trunk
and thorns on trunk and branches. It is native to the tropics of Central
America and northern South America.


It is used both for plantations and
in living fences, for the latter using stakes of 1.5-2 m in length. The wood is
easy to work, saw and unroll, with excellent finish and great dimensional
stability. The sapwood and heartwood are of a very different color. Due to its
medium specific weight and its low mechanical strength, it is not suitable as
structural wood, but for internal moldings and paneling, handicrafts,
furniture, and for elements where dimensional stability is required, such as
door and window frames.


It grows in a great variety of
climates, at altitudes of 0-800 masl and rainfall of 800-2000 mm per year,
normally associated with the tropical dry forest, although sometimes in very
dry, humid and humid premontane forest. It does not tolerate competition and
requires full sunlight after the first 2-3 years. It is very susceptible to the


For optimal growth it requires fertile, deep, flat and
well-drained soils, with less than 50% clay.

Seeds and

The seed does not require pre-germination
treatments. For the seedbed it is recommended to use a loose substrate such as
river sand, well washed and disinfected. The seed should be distributed evenly
or in rows separated by 2 cm, sowing superficially. Germination begins after 8
days and may extend for 35 days. The seedlings must be transplanted when they
reach 4-5 cm in height. The root is usually very long, so it must be pruned to
about 3 cm in length. When transplanting, be sure to make a hole deep enough in
the substrate to avoid curving up of the roots. Shade should be provided for
the first 2-3 weeks after transplanting, for instance using shade clothing
(saran) 50%. The seedlings will be ready for field planting at 3-4 months or
when they have a height of 15 to 20 cm. A couple of weeks before planting out
in the field it is recommended to reduce watering to stimulate the
lignification of the stems. It can also be produced by pseudo-cuttings after
6-12 months in the nursery, and by long (1.5-2m) stakes from adult trees, for the
establishment of living fences.


B. quinata is a relatively slow
growing tree; in suitable places and good management it can grow 4 cm in
diameter and 2 m in height per year. The time for final harvest varies
according to the desired product, 8 years for particles, and 25-35 years for
sawing, unrolling and veneer.

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