Erytrhina poeppigiana

Viable seeds / kg (approx.): 2,160

Minimum purchase: 250 g


E. poeppigiana grows in humid,
riparian and upland forests of the Amazon basins, Orinoco, Colombia and
Ecuador. However, it is naturalized in most of Central America. It is a
multiple-stemmed tree, deciduous, often thorny and with an extended crown,
reaching a height of up to 20-30 m and a diameter (DBH) of 1.2 m, sometimes
up to 2 m.


The wood is soft and light, and is
not suitable for most uses. Therefore, it is used mainly as an important
component in agroforestry systems, in particular to combine with perennial
crops. The species is nitrogen fixer, and it produces large amounts of litter
rich in nitrogen, hence the value of the species in conserving and improving
the soil and contributing to high and sustainable yields of the associated

Environmental conditions

It grows at altitudes of 50-2400
masl, with mean rainfall of 1000-4000 mm per year.


It prefers fertile and deep soils
but it tolerates a wide range of soils, such as alluvial, ferrasoles, volcanic
and ultisols.

Seeds and nursery

It does not require pre-germination treatment. For the seedbed it is
recommended to use a loose substrate such as river sand, well washed and
disinfected. The seed must be distributed evenly or in rows separated by 2 cm,
sowing superficially. Germination occurs after 8-22 days. The seedlings can be
transplanted as soon as they reach 3-5 cm in height and the first true leaves
appear. The root is usually very long, so it must be pruned to about 3 cm in
length. When transplanting, be sure to make a hole deep enough in the substrate
to avoid curving up of the roots. Shade should be provided for the first 2-3
weeks after transplanting, for instance using shade clothing (saran) 50%. Plants
will be ready for field planting after 3-4 months or when they have a height of
15 to 20 cm. A couple of weeks before planting out in the field it is
recommended to reduce watering to stimulate the lignification of the stems. It
can also be produced by direct sowing or long stakes, at least 1.5 m in length.

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