Tectona grandis (Teak)

Viable seeds / kg (approx.): 1150

Minimum purchase: 250 g


Teak is native to Southeast Asia, but
due to the quality of its wood and worldwide market, it has been successfully
introduced and grown in many tropical countries. It can reach up to 50 m in
height and diameters (DBH) of up to 2 m, although in plantation it usually reaches
smaller dimensions.


The wood is one of the best known
and most valuable in the world, due to its high quality, great attractiveness,
durability and resistance to the attack of fungi and insects. Its
physical-mechanical properties make it suitable for structural use, floors,
furniture, naval constructions and carpentry in general. The immature wood in
roll extracted from thinnings is prized for construction of rustic cabins and similar

Environmental conditions

It grows at altitudes of 0-600
masl, mean rainfall of 1600-2500 mm per year with dry seasons of 3-5 months,
and mean temperatures of 24-30ºC.


It is suggested to plant in deep,
well-drained soils, flat or with slopes no greater than 30%. It does not tolerate
flooded, clayey, shallow soils (less than 90 cm deep), eroded, compacted or

Seeds and nursery

The seed that we distribute in the Forest Seed Bank has been scarified, so as a pre-germination treatment it
is recommended just to soak the seed in running water at room temperature for 24
hours. For the seedbed it is recommended to use a loose substrate, such as
river sand, well washed and disinfected, distributing the seed uniformly (1 kg
/ m2). What it is normally called “seed” is actually a drupe that
contains 1-4 flattened seeds, so that from each drupe, 2-3 plants can usually
emerge. Germination occurs after 5-15 days (with scarified drupes) and transplanting is done when the seedlings reach 3 to 5 cm and the first true leaves appear. The root is usually
very long, so it must be pruned to about 3 cm in length. When transplanting, be
sure to make a hole deep enough in the substrate to avoid curving up of the
roots. Shade should be provided for the first 2-3 weeks after transplanting,
for instance using shade clothing (saran) 50%. Seedlings in containers reach
20-30 cm after 2-3 months. A couple of weeks before planting out in the field
it is recommended to reduce watering to stimulate the lignification of the stems.
It can also be produced by pseudo-cuttings, although this system is no longer widely


Teak in general shows annual
increments of 1.5-2 cm in diameter, 1.5-2 m in height and 10-25 m3
/ ha in volume.

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